We now live in a time that physical fitness is a no brainer. Whether you chose
to participate or not, we all recognize that to remain physically fit we need to exercise our bodies. This wasn’t always the case. One hundred years ago if you ran down the street
you would probably be considered a freak. In fact, much more recently, in 1984, when
I was 18 and after rupturing a disc in my lower back playing basketball. I went to a spine surgeon. During the consultation (in which, by the way, I was advised 6 weeks of bed rest
with a bed pan!) I noticed he had a pack of cigarettes on his big mahogany desk.
A doctor smoking in his consultation room - we have come a long way.
I recognize that it is now time to frame mental fitness or mental health in the
same way we consider physical fitness. A practice of Meditation and mindfulness in
not only integral in helping you resolve your pain but is a critical component to living a
skilled compassionate less reactive life. If you are willing, I will introduce you to simple
but effective skills that does not include (with all due respect) crystals, chakras, gongs
or gurus. I’m not disparaging these accoutrements, but I have noticed that a lot of
people come at this with skepticism because of some of the unsubstantiated claims they
hear. This, unfortunately denies them a profound opportunity to fundamentally enhance
their health and wellbeing by cultivating  a calm and restful mind.


Enjoy and be part of this great exploration in meditating and mindfullnes