This is the brainchild of Kent. Kent brings his vast knowledge and experience to your sessions. He has skillfully combined to fundamental principles from various rehab and training methods

Picture this: Let us say you come in as a Tennis Player with low back pain.
For some time now you have experienced significant back pain each time you practice or play. You also know that your secondary job is not doing you any favors, yet you’re at a loss
for how to solve it. During each session of IMT Kent will assess how you move with a fundamental movement assesment, such as a squat which might reveal that your hips don’t move so well. He will release your hips with skilled ART therapy (and any appropriate stretch, joint mobility treatment or strengthening exercises) following which you will jump off his treatment table to reassess your squat. Your squat is now better but you both discover that your right shoulder is stuck. (no surprise because you then remember that you are experiencing pain after serving and additionally have noticed you can’t sleep on your right shoulder anymore) Back on the table you go for a shoulder
release and reassess. This will continue until you are fully moving better on the spot.
You leave moving and feeling better and you’ve learned exactly the exercises you need to do to not only feel better but to improve your tennis game. Repeat this type of scenario with any activity or sport and that is Integrated movement therapy.