I have known about EPAT (or shockwave therapy) for years but had resisted
bringing it into my office for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve historically been biased away
from passive modalities because of my belief and dependence on our skilled hands-on
work. Unfortunately, too many health care providers want to depend on billable
passive modalities that don’t necessarily get to the root cause of your problem.
Secondly, EPAT is very expensive technology and is no small investment to bring
into the office. I was, however finally convinced several years ago by a
colleague, who happens also to treat many runners, to invest and become trained
in the modality. I’m now so pleased to have added EPAT to your care. The sound
wave therapy works perfectly to enhance the hands-on work we already do. It has
been especially helpful in stubborn areas such as Achilles’ tendonitis, plantar
fasciitis, tennis elbow and most excitingly for me assist deep low back disc
complaints. We now have spine surgeons refer to us regularly for patients that
are on the edge of a back surgery. Nothing gives me more personal pleasure than
helping a patient who may have thought they were at the brink of spine surgery.