Running Cues

Good running is good. Bad running is bad.

Most if not all running injuries and the ability to recover from them are influenced by running form. As you progress through your care with us we want you to use your running as the rehab . The following are form cues you can use to help you achieve better form, recover sooner and ultimately become a better runner!

We suggest you focus on one form cue per run or whatever we highlight for your specific condition:

  • Slight lean forward form the ankles- this will help you avoid over-striding. Over striding can cause excessive impact on the lower extremities and low back. It is a common form error for novice runners.
  • Knees aligned (imagine a dowel between your knees as you run.) Weakness through the Glutes (We will get to that next) can cause the knees to cave in towards each other putting a lot of stress on the medial meniscus or medial collateral ligament.
  • Gluteus contraction directly at foot strike to strengthen the hips and stiffen the legs. Glutei weakness is the most common strength issue we see with all our runners. You probably have been given a glute strengthening exercise by us.
  • Think of being tall through your spine and slightly draw your navel in towards your spine. The drawing in is subtle and should not restrict your breathing.
  • Think symmetry. Pay attention to your form and note any asymmetries. Try to subtly correct them.
  • Thoracic extension. Several times during your run place your palms behind your head while still running. Complete about 10-20 strides. Focus on extension through your mid back.
  • Smile and do some deep abdominal breathing during your run. Appreciate and enjoy!